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The Art and Science of Sushi

A Comprehensive Guide to Ingredients, Techniques and Equipment

The Art and Science of Sushi

Technical Director Jun Takahashi
Supervisor Hidemi Sato
Text Mitose Tsuchida
Price JPY 3,850
ISBN 978-4-8053-1713-6
Format 201×262mm 208pages Hardcover
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Discover everything there is to know about sushi!

Sushi has taken the world by storm. Now, brilliant young Tokyo-based sushi chef Jun Takahashi wants to share his love and scientific knowledge of sushi-making with the world! His mastery of all things sushi is unparalleled and will appeal to professional chefs and sushi amateurs alike.

With the help of gorgeous color photos and informative charts and diagrams, Takahashi and his two co-authors, Hidemi Sato and Mitose Tsuchida, cover the full range of sushi-making topics--from the biology and scientific composition of the ingredients, to the techniques sushi chefs learn over years of difficult training, to basic recipes for Tokyo-style sushi rice, sauces, condiments, and side dishes. The book's sections include lessons on how to:

Find all types of seafood, such as eel, sea urchins, tuna, etc.
Marinate fish with kombu seaweed.
Cure fish with vinegar and sugar.
Use and maintain high-quality Japanese sushi knives and an Ohitsu (a wooden rice container).
Recognize the anatomy of a fish, different ways to cut a fish, and where to find the best meat.
Shuck and prepare clams, such as the Mirugai Clam.
Identify vinegar varieties and soy sauces.
Prepare wasabi as well as grate, boil, and pickle ginger.
Cook with heat and the differences between simmering (grilling) and dry-cooking (pan frying).
Perfect traditional Japanese dishes, such as the tamago-yaki, Japanese Omelet.
Recipes for 23 different types of sushi.

Whether you're a professional chef, a casual lover of Japanese cuisine, or a sushi fanatic, this beautiful book will provide fascinating insights into the world of Japan's iconic national dish.

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