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Sushi Art Cookbook

The Complete Guide to Kazari Sushi

Sushi Art Cookbook

Author Ken Kawasumi
Price JPY 2,420
ISBN 978-4-8053-1437-1
Format 230×303mm 128pages Hard Cover
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Entertain your friends and family with sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes!

As the world's appetite for Japanese sushi continues to skyrocket, the Sushi Art Cookbook introduces readers to the art of creating sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! Author Ken Kawasumi?principal lecturer at the Japanese Sushi Institute?is the pioneering chef behind Kazari Maki Sushi. The designs revealed by slicing the sushi logs into delicious morsels can be understated or refined, expressive or playful?whatever suits the occasion!

A sushi cookbook like no other, this guide to decorative Kazari Maki Sushi includes:
Instructions on how to prepare sushi rice, ingredients, and garnishes
Essential sushi rolling and pressing techniques
85 designs from simple to sophisticated
Detailed color photographs, documenting step-by-step assembly
Anyone can create these simple-to-sophisticated sushi recipes and designs:
Cherry Blossom
Bonsai Tree
and much more!

About the Author:
Ken Kawasumi started honing his craft at the age of sixteen, training in various top sushi restaurants and developing his own maki techniques. He has won numerous national sushi competitions and served as instructor for "Sushi Kawasumi" in Kanagawa and Yokohama for several years before becoming principal lecturer at the Japanese Sushi Institute (Tokyo, Tsukiji). He is the founder of the decorative "Kazari Maki Sushi" movement in Japan.

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