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In Praise of Shadows?

In Praise of Shadows?

Author Junichiro Tanizaki
Translation Edward G. Seidensticker
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1804-1
Format 130x203mm 60pages Paperback
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This eloquent work on the Japanese sense of beauty explores the subtle interplay of shade and light in several important aspects of Japanese life―architecture, drama, food, femininity, and literature―and traces the retreat of this mature, shadowy aesthetic tradition before the brighter, more garish products of Western technology.

Junichiro Tanizaki, one of the most eloquent Japanese novelists, leads readers through “darkness seen by candlelight" replete with a “pregnancy of particles like fine ashes, each particle as luminous as a rainbow". His flowing, wandering meditation cannot fail to delight all lovers of the traditions of the East.

Originally published in 1933 and 1934<, i> In Praise of Shadows presents readers with Tanizaki's obvious love for the traditions for which his country is renowned and provided a prescient warning of the dangers those traditions face.

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