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Fantasy Characters & Creatures

An Artist's Sourcebook

Fantasy Characters & Creatures

Author Satoshi Matsuura?
Price JPY 3,080
ISBN 978-4-8053-1794-5
Format 215x280mm 144pages Paperback
Availability Limited stock
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Learn to draw mind-bending fantasy characters from an expert video game character designer!

This captivating book presents a treasure trove of ideas for hundreds of different fantasy characters and creatures. Experienced video game character designer Satoshi Matsuura explains his method for designing characters to play specific roles in fantasy world video games, graphic novels, anime films and fine art illustrations.

This extraordinary sourcebook contains over 600 different character designs as well as an exclusive tutorial showing you how to conceptualize and draw new, believable characters with clearly defined features matching their individual motivations and actions.

The hundreds of characters in this book include:
Majestic dragons, dinosaurs, monsters and anthropomorphic creatures
Fairytale ogres, orcs, trolls, giants, elves, fairies, hobbits and dwarves
Kawaii critters like the Owl Bear, Werechipmunk, Cat Fairy and Mouse Knight
Zombies, Yokai, demons and oddballs like the Death Mole and Sushi Monster
Kings, generals, monks, shamans, knights, rogues, assassins, mercenaries and more!

Indispensable for fantasy world artists, this book is an endlessly fascinating storehouse of creative ideas!

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