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How to Doodle

The Complete Guide

How to Doodle

Author Kamo
Price JPY 2,310
ISBN 978-4-8053-1701-3
Format 152×216mm 224pages Paperback
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Sweet and simple drawings for creative fun!

In this whimsical new guide, Japanese illustrator and master doodler KAMO shows you how to draw the cutest sketches you've ever seen. And she makes drawing them so easy!

Start with a squiggle, a circle or a line, then add a few strokes and voila--your drawing is done! She includes hundreds of examples and shows you how to use them to decorate your sketchbook, journal, notebook, gift cards, school projects and many other items.

Learn to draw items such as:
Interesting people from all walks of life, plus adorable pets and flowers
Delicious meals or the perfect outfit and the living spaces around you
Local buildings or mementos of your travels
Custom lettering for one-of-a-kind correspondence
Decorative border motifs for your journals and sketchpads
And so much more!

Discover how fun it is to draw cartoon-style animals, plants, people, food and more--everything your heart desires. It is all in this book!

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