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Learn to Draw Manga Men

A Beginner's Guide

Learn to Draw Manga Men

Author Kyachi
Price JPY 1,980
ISBN 978-4-8053-1609-2
Format 216×280mm 144pages Paperback
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The male form is the focus here--twisting, leaping and tumbling in dramatic action sequences!

Master manga and anime artist Kyachi shows you the secrets professional Japanese artists use to create dynamic motion on the page. A series of detailed tutorials show you how to draw the male form in every possible position.

Individual lessons cover standing, sitting, reclining, walking, running, kicking, pitching, swimming, dribbling and sparring. A rogues' gallery is also presented, showing how to create dastardly villains, armed with weapons and ready to rumble.

With the help of this complete guide, you'll be able to:

  • Populate the page or screen with eye-catching movement and powerful action poses
  • Master Kyachi's methods through step-by-step progressions--before it's time to try it on your own
  • Follow along with charming caricature guides who offer essential tips and steer you clear of pitfalls

It can be intimidating to draw people as a beginning artist, but Learn to Draw Manga Men is meant to dispel those exact fears and wipe away any hesitations you may have. Begin with a blank page or empty screen and start populating it with people. Before you know it, your characters will come to life before you!

Kyachi has distilled her specialized knowledge of the skeleton, muscles and physical structures, explaining and analyzing the most difficult aspects of figure drawing and presenting it to you in a clear and simple way. With the help of this fantastic resource, you'll soon master detailed male characters to include in your own comic strip or graphic novel!

*Recommended for artists 16 & up*

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