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[new] Forest Bathing

The Rejuvenating Practice of Shinrin Yoku?

Forest Bathing

Author Hector Garcia
Author Francesc Miralles
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1600-9
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Shinrin Yoku: "taking in the forest atmosphere," the medicine of simply being in the forest, "forest bathing."

This book offers guidelines for finding peace and replenishment in any space ?from turning off your phone to seeking the irregularities in nature, which in turn can make us less critical of ourselves. It offers tips not only on being fully present and mindful while in the forest, but also on how to tap into that mindfulness at home?even if home is the busiest and most crowded of cities.

Forest Bathing explains the traditional Japanese concepts that help readers understand and share in the benefits of the Japanese approach to forest bathing?a cornerstone of healing and health care in Japan. These concepts include:

Yugen: Our living experience of the world around us that is so profound as to be beyond expression
Komorebi: The interplay of leaves and sunlight
Wabi sabi: Rejoicing in imperfection and impermanence

From the healing properties of phytoncides (self-protective compounds emitted by plants) to the ways we can benefit from what forest spaces can teach us, this book discusses the history, science and philosophy behind this age-old therapeutic practice. Examples from the ancient Celts to Henry David Thoreau remind us of the ties between humankind and the natural world?ties that have become more and more elusive to Westerners.

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