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Japanese Cooking with Manga

Easy Recipes Your Friends will Love!

Japanese Cooking with Manga

Author Alexis Aldeguer
Price JPY 1,870
ISBN 978-4-8053-1433-3
Format 191×254mm 128pages Paperback
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Three friends walk you through their best Japanese recipes--in expressive, humorous illustrations!

Cooking should be fun, and this highly entertaining Japanese cookbook for beginners is packed full of humor and whimsical illustrations. Japanese Cooking with Manga started out as "Gourmand Gohan," a hand-drawn and hand-bound edition that the three co-authors circulated among their friends in Barcelona. Each author has a unique take on Japanese food preparation, but they are all equally passionate about food and how it brings people together.

Simple, step-by-step Japanese food recipes are accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations and commentary on each page--making this manga cookbook read more like a graphic novel than your average collection of recipes. Information about Japanese culture and traditional Japanese cuisine are presented in a charming and accessible way, making learning a new style of cooking as educational as it is entertaining. The colorful manga art and comic-style stories within this illustrated cookbook will appeal to the serious foodie and experimental chef alike.

Easy home style recipes with a Japanese twist include:

  • Okonomiyaki Japanese Pizza
  • Codfish Tempura
  • Shogayaki Stir-fried Pork with Ginger
  • Ham and Cheese Potstickers
  • And 55 more!
These three home cooks took on the world of Japanese food culture--and now, with the stories and recipes in this adventurous cookbook, so can you and your friends.

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