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Elementary Japanese Vol2 PB

CD-ROM Included

Elementary Japanese Vol2 PB

Author Yoko Hasegawa
Price JPY 3,850
ISBN 978-4-8053-1369-5
Format 192x254mm 450pages paperback+MP3 Audio Disc
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This is a comprehensive upper-beginner level Japanese textbook and language learning program.

Elementary Japanese is designed for students who are just beginning their study of the Japanese language at the first-year college level or on their own. The author and contributors have created a highly structured approach to learning Japanese based on acquiring the fundamental patterns and constructions of the language as well as the Japanese writing system including the basic Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters.

Each volume of this two-book set is designed for one semester of study. The books feature detailed grammatical explanations which make them extremely useful as references and for review purposes when traveling to Japan or preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Examination (JLPT).

MP3 audio recordings are included with each volume on free CDs making this a great way to learn Japanese on your own while ensuring that you learn the correct pronunciation. The recordings also help you build up your listening comprehension skills.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
・Describe yourself, your family and your friends.
・Talk about daily events using basic vocabulary and grammatical constructions.
・Understand conversations on these topics as well as classroom activities.
・Read Japanese articles and write short and simple compositions and letters.

Elementary Japanese Volume Two covers the second semester of a college-level Japanese beginner course. It contains 13 lessons, each representing one week's instruction and consisting of a dialogue, usage notes, grammar notes, exercises, new kanji and explanation, and new vocabulary.

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