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Introduction to Japanese Culture

Introduction to Japanese Culture

Author Daniel Sosnoski
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1313-8
Format 184x257mm 104pages
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Featuring full-color photographs and illustrations thoughout, this book presents a comprehensive guide to Japanese culture.

The richness of Japan's history is renowned worldwide, and the cultural heritage that its society has produced and handed down to future generations is one of Japan's greatest accomplishments. Introduction to Japanese Culture presents an overview, through 68 original and informative essays, of Japan's most notable cultural achievements, including:

  • Holidays and Festivals--Learn how the Japanese celebrate shogatsu (New Year's Day), hanami (the Cherry Blossom Festival), and more.
  • Drama and Art--Discover yakimono (pottery), shodo(calligraphy), haiku poetry, kabuki, and karate.
  • Cuisine--Open your eyes to foods from kome (rice) to raw fish.
  • Home and Recreation--Explore subjects ranging from board games like "Go" to origami, kimonos, and Japanese gardens.

The Japan of today is a modern, 21st-century society in nearly every regard. Even so, the elements of an earlier age are clearly visible in the country's arts, festivals, and customs. This book focuses on the essential constants that remain in present-day Japan and their counterparts in Western culture.

edit by Daniel Sosnoski, an American writer who has lived in Japan since 1985, these well-researched articles, color photographs, and line illustrations provide a compact guide to aspects of Japan that may puzzle the outside observer at first. Introduction to Japanese Culture is a wonderfully informative primer on the cultural make-up and behaviors of the Japanese, and is certain to fascinate students, tourists, and anyone who seeks to know and understand Japanese culture, etiquette, and history.

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