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Japan: The Toothless Tiger

Japan: The Toothless Tiger

Author Declan Hayes
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1304-6
Format 130×203mm 52pages paperback
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Japan: The Toothless Tiger is a thoughtful and insightful analysis of the current situation Japan is facing with growing Chinese military power on the one hand, and a weakening American presence in the Asia-Pacific on the other. How will Japan cope?

Hemmed in by mounting tensions with China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands and facing nuclear threats from North Korea, what should Japan do? Should she rearm? Should she get the bomb? What are the consequences of rearming, or not rearming?

These and other strategic questions are critically reviewed by Professor Hayes, who places them into the Japanese political context. He shows how and why Japan must develop a more sophisticated approach to China, Russia and the two Koreas to address growing threats to her own security and national interests. Professor Hayes shows how this can be done, and how all of East Asia will benefit as a result.

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