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The Art of Japanese Architecture PB

The Art of Japanese Architecture PB

Author David Young
Author Michiko Young
Author Tan Hong Yew
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1302-2
Format 216x279mm 176pages paperback
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The architecture of a people is a living, breathing thing which constantly evolves. As a community grows, thrives, changes and develops, the architecture does as well. By examining the history of buildings and building designs from prehistory to modern day, lovers of Japan will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of this island country.Simplicity, sensitivity to the natural environment, and the use of natural materials are the hallmarks of Japanese architecture. The Art of Japanese Architecture provides a broad overview of Japanese architecture in its historical and cultural context. It begins with a discussion of prehistoric dwellings and concludes with a description of modern Japanese buildings. Important historical influences and trends?notably the introduction of Buddhist culture from Korea and China, the development of feudalism, and the influence of modern Western styles of building?are all discussed in detail. The book provides tremendous insights into the dynamic nature of Japanese architecture and how it reflects an underlying diversity within Japanese culture. A classic in the making, The Art of Japanese Architecture will be sure to enlighten and delight readers.

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