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My First Origami Kit

My First Origami Kit

Author Joel Stern
Price JPY 1,500
ISBN 978-4-8053-1244-5
Format 210×210mm boxed kit (60 sheets of folding papers + with 150 stickers + 48 pp booklets)
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My First Origami Kit is the perfect introduction to the joys of origami for kids of all ages. Featuring sheets of stickers along with folding paper, this kit is sure to keep them engaged and happy for hours! Included are whimsical origami penguins, foxes, pigs, airplanes and more?even a cute teddy bear that "talks" when you open and close its arms. All of the papers are colorfully decorated on both sides with a different design for each of the 22 models! There are feathers for the duck, metal plates for the airplane, scales for the cobra, and so on. In most cases, it doesn't even matter which side of the paper kids use?they'll still end up with a great-looking model! Kids will love to add sticker details to their models?eyes, noses, paws, and many other cute features. They can make the finished models look as silly or as serious as they want. Your child will proudly display the finished handiwork?their very first origami!

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