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Living in Japan

A Guide to Living, Working, and Traveling in Japan

Living in Japan

Author Joy Norton
Author Shibusawa Tazuko
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1234-6
Format 133×203mm 124pages paperback
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"Living in Japan" is a complete guide for foreigners currently living in Japan or contemplating making a home there. From the great expectations before arrival to the shock of actually being immersed in one of the most unique cultures in the hectic modern world, from finding housing to finding work, and from adjusting to the expatriate community to the many challenges of making a way into the heart of Japanese society and culture, "Living in Japan" will help the reader cope with the vagaries, anxieties, and uncertainties of an expatriate existence. The authors explore the opportunities for foreigners in Japan, analyze the problems they're likely to encounter, and offer practical solutions and advice to make the most out of an extended stay in Japan. This guide enthusiastically negotiates the potential roadblocks and pitfalls facing expatriate businessmen, children, traditional homemakers, students, and working couples and highlights the many opportunities for a rich and lasting experience.

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