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A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship


Author Geoffrey Salmon
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1231-5
Format 152×227mm 192pages Paperback
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The art of kendo holds a special place within the Japanese martial arts. Meaning "Way of the Sword", kendo is actively practiced today. Tens of thousands study it because kendo is one of the most physically and mentally challenging of all martial forms. Geoffrey Salmon is one of the few Westerners to successfully compete in kendo competitions and holds a 7th Dan black belt from the All Japan Kendo Federation. In Kendo: A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship, Salmon dispels misconceptions about the sport and makes kendo training more accessible for newcomers. At its core, this book provides a series of highly detailed instructional sequences demonstrating all the basic kendo stick-fighting techniques. Along the way, Salmon presents the fundamental principles and philosophy which lie at the heart of kendo and make it as much a training of the mind as of the body. For many adherents, the principal goal in practicing kendo is to achieve a state of mushin (no-mind) as taught by the great Zen Buddhist masters of ancient China and Japan. Salmon's also explains how to integrate kendo training into your personal fitness routine. The first and only book to link the philosophical and mental elements of kendo to the rigorous physical training techniques, Kendo is indeed a comprehensive guide to this ancient and highly revered martial art form.

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