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The Kami Way


Author Sokyo Ono
Author William P. Woodard
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1106-6
Format 130×204mm 116pages paperback
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Shinto, the indigenous faith of the Japanese people, continues to fascinate and mystify both the casual visitor to Japan and the long-time resident. This introduction unveils Shinto's spiritual characteristics and discusses the architecture and function of Shinto shrines. Further examination of Shinto's lively festivals, worship, music, and sacred regalia illustrates Shinto's influence on all levels of Japanese life. Fifteen photographs and numerous drawings introduce the reader to two millenia of indigenous Japanese belief in the "kami"-the sacred spirits worshipped in Shinto-and in communal life, the way of the "kami."
An excellent book for everyone who are interested in Japanese religion.

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