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The Key to Understanding & Dealing With the Japanese!


Author Boye Lafayette De Mente
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1105-9
Format 133×203mm 168pages
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Literally, the form and order of doing things in Japan, "kata" is the cultural conditioning that causes the Japanese to think and react in the way they do. The secret to understanding Japanese business, culture, and society is explained by this cultural framework upon which Japanese behavior and etiquette is built. Veteran Japanologist Boye Lafayette De Mente explains the concept of kata and offers the reader insight to the art of bowing, the importance of apology, the origin of the Japanese obsession for quality, and other key cultural ideas which, when mastered, unlock the mystery of Japanese professional and social interaction. The book contains more than 70 brief essays that detail the origin, nature, use, and influence of kata. Whether you are interested in a deeper understanding of Japanese culture or looking for a way to develop business strategy, Kata is an invaluable resource.

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