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The Life of Tokugawa Ieyasu


Author A. L. Sadler
Foreword Stephen Turnbull
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ISBN 978-4-8053-1042-7
Format 130×203mm 352pages paperback
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One of the most successful rulers in Japanese history and one of the most cunning military strategists in world history, Tokugawa Ieyasu overcame countless dangers and intrigues in his country's most violent age to become the man who finally united all of Japan. His accomplishments and work cemented in place the system of governance and way of life that have become forever linked with traditional Japan.Shogun, A. L. Sadler's classic biography of this Japanese legend, has been completely re-typeset and designed-and is still the best available. It is dramatic in its narration of the rise of Tokugawa Ieyasu and the measures he took to win the Shogunate and insure that power would remain in his family's hands. It also features a new foreword by bestselling author and samurai expert Stephen Turnbull

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