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Peach Boy

and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

Peach Boy

Edit Florence Sakade
Illustrations Kurosaki Yoshisuke
Price JPY 1,650
ISBN 978-4-8053-0996-4
Format 235×235mm 49pages
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This colorfully illustrated multicultural children's book presents several Japanese fairy tales and other folk stories--providing insight into a rich oral culture.

Welcome to a fantastic world populated by magical teakettles, long-nosed goblins, brave warriors, and a host of other beloved characters who have lived on for centuries in the traditional tales of Japan.

Drawn from Japanese folklore that has been passed down from generation to generation, the nine enchanting stories collected in this volume have been lovingly retold just for today's readers. They make perfect new additions for story time or bedtime reading. Vibrantly illustrated and full of thrilling adventures, funny discoveries and important lessons, they're sure to become story time favorites.

Included are some of Japan's best-loving children stories:

  • Peach Boy
  • The Magic Teakettle
  • Monkey-Dance and Sparrow-Dance
  • The Long-Nosed Goblins
  • The Rabbit in the Moon
  • The Rabbit in the Moon
  • The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
  • Sill Saburo
  • The Toothpick Warriors
  • The Sticky-Sticky Pine

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