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Basic Japanese

Learn to Speak Everyday Japanese in 10 Carefully Structured Lessons

Basic Japanese

Author Samuel E. Martin
Author Sato Eriko
Price JPY 1,870
ISBN 978-4-8053-0962-9
Format 152×228mm 352pages paperback + CD
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A user-friendly book that works equally well in a classroom setting or as a self-study text, Basic Japanese takes a different approach from other language books, emphasizing the structure of the language rather than vocabulary. By focusing on sentence patterns as the key to attaining a basic competence in Japanese, it offers a comprehensive introduction to the modern colloquial language. Each lesson is set up to ease learners into not just understanding new material but mastering it, using a four-step method: Step 1: Basic Sentences: Each lesson begins with the key to quick mastery of spoken Japanese--learning and understanding new sentence patterns. Vocabulary is learned in context. A Basic Vocabulary section lists only essential words and phrases that are relevant to the theme of the lesson. Step 2: Structure Notes: Next the learner is guided through complete, in-depth explanations of the sentences' grammar essentials, to aid in mastering the sentence patterns. Step 3: Conversation: Authentic dialogue teaches the way people naturally speak, putting into practice the lesson's sentence patterns with common, everyday topics. Step 4: Exercises: An opportunity for practicing-and for strengthening your understanding of the lesson's key points. Accomplished teacher Eriko Sato has produced an excellent revision of Samuel Martin's classic text for the classroom and self-learners, while remaining true to Martin's voice and teaching style. Together they make the challenge of learning Japanese at once manageable, practical, and fun.

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