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Samurai Sword

A Handbook

Samurai Sword

Author John M. Yumoto
Foreword Carroll Ford
Price JPY 2,200
ISBN 978-4-8053-0957-5
Format 148×210mm 192pages Hardcover
Availability Out-of-print
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The samurai sword: symbol of the spirit of old Japan it embodies the samurai's steely discipline, unswerving devotion, and peerless skill. A feat of craftsmanship by hereditary artisans, the samurai sword is often judged superior to the famed blades of Western Damascus and Toledo. This complete handbook reveals the lore of the samurai sword, fascinating both for owners and for the intrigued. Detailing the origins and development of the samurai sword, its historical background, styles, famous schools, and differences in construction, outlining methods of identifying and researching the sword, as well as caring for it properly.

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