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Japanese Dolls

The Fascinating World of Ningyo

Japanese Dolls

Author Alan Scott Pate
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ISBN 978-4-8053-0922-3
Format 215×280mm 272pages
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For the art enthusiast, the doll collector, as well as the casual reader, the world of Japanese dolls is a fascinating one. For centuries, Japanese doll artisans created spectacular works of art, invested with both significant cultural meaning and elemental beauty, encased in the deceptively simple body of a doll.In Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo, Alan Scott Pate, the leading American expert on Japanese dolls, answers the many and varied questions surrounding how to collect these amazing artifacts. What types of dolls are available for the collector of today? What are some of the features and characteristics that will help collectors identify the dolls they find and evaluate them? Who were some of the earliest collectors in Japan, Europe and the United States? How do we preserve and care for these invaluable artifacts from Japan's past? Focusing on the 18 most widely collected, obtainable and affordable antique and vintage Japanese dolls, this book is a cornucopia of information for collectors of all levels and interests.

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