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Kanji Cards volume 3

Tuttle Flash Cards

Kanji Cards volume 3

Author Alexander D.C. Kask
Price JPY 2,300
ISBN 978-4-8053-0857-8
Format 160×229mm boxed set (512cards+Boxed with 16pp booklet)
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Kanji Cards have been a standout bestseller on how to read and write the Japanese language for many years for good reason-they provide ease of use, efficient organization and a large amount of data packed into compact cards. An integral and essential element for anyone serious about the study of Japanese, Kanji Cards Volume 3 picks up where Volumes 1 and 2 left off. There is still a focus on fundamental characters, but Volume 3 covers the more advanced characters learned thereafter, thus completing the study of kanji in the Japanese language.Consisting of a complete boxed set of flash cards, Kanji Cards Volume 3, along with Volumes 1 and 2, are a perfect investment for anyone interested in learning Japanese quickly and easily.

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