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Draw Your Own Manga

Blank Comic Book

Draw Your Own Manga

Author Tuttle Studio
Price JPY 1,320
ISBN 978-0-8048-5660-7
Format 191x254mm 96pages Paperback
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Give your kids the gift of limitless creativity--the gateway to a world where learning and imagination intertwine!

Within the pages of this book, young minds will discover the joy of storytelling as they develop characters, build plots, and write dialogue. With carefully crafted templates, a range of layouts, and professional drawing tips, this blank comic book is the perfect gift for kids eager to explore the exciting world of visual storytelling.

Draw Your Own Manga offers everything aspiring artists and animators need:
84 pages of blank templates featuring 21 different layouts--more variety than any other book!
Some tips and guidance on story development, character creation and the use of speech balloons and textual elements
Flexible speech balloon templates--you decide where they go!

Great for artists of all ages, be they beginners learning a new format or experienced artists who need a space to work out their narratives; this extraordinary tool is not only a platform for artistic expression but also a powerful resource for learning and development.

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