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Manga Eyes Dotted Paperback Journal

Manga Eyes Dotted Paperback Journal

Author Tuttle Studio
Price JPY 1,870
ISBN 978-0-8048-5617-1
Format 144x210mm 144pages Paperback
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PAPERBACK A5-Sized Journal: Standard A5 size (5.75 x 8.25 inches) allows for easily transporting in a handbag, backpack or tote.

144 DOTTED PAGES: Dotted grid pages give you the freedom to personalize your journaling experience. Are you an artist who wants to sketch? Are you a writer who wants to journal? Do you like to switch between text and art? The dotted pages give you both--the space to draw and guidelines to take notes--allowing you to have a one-stop location for all your writing needs.

INNER BACK POCKET: This paperback journal has a back pocket to offer a safe place to keep receipts, treasured notes or mementos.

ACID-FREE PAPER: More difficult to decompose than regular paper and has a longer shelf-life. It is commonly used when someone wants to archive notes, daily journal entries or sketches for several years without the pages deteriorating or yellowing.

FEATURED ART: People of all ages read manga comics today in a wide variety of genres--from adventure to romance, comedy and educational non-fiction. The use of large eyes in Japanese manga is thought to have been pioneered by the famous artist Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989), who was inspired by the expressiveness of Disney cartoon characters.

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