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Blank Comic Book

Draw Your Own Manga!

Blank Comic Book

Author Tuttle Studio
Illustrations Melvin Calingo
Price JPY 1,430
ISBN 978-0-8048-5587-7
Format 218×279mm 160pages Paperback
Availability In stock
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Sketch your own adventure and draw the story only you can tell! Tuttle Studio provides the tips and templates. Your imagination fills in the rest!

The ultimate gift for your favorite aspiring manga artist, cartoonist, or your creative kiddos, this blank book is complete with a wide variety of panel templates and a few expert tips and tricks for getting started.

Perfect for pen, pencil or water-based marker, this Blank Comic Book offers everything a manga artist or imaginative young creator needs:
84 pages of blank templates featuring 21 different layouts--more variety than any other book!
Some tips from professional comic book artists on story development, character creation and how to tell your story effectively
Cover design templates and a gallery of speech and thought balloons to place wherever you want!

Great for artists of all ages! Beginner's and children can explore storytelling and narrative building, while more experienced artists can use this as a sketchbook to storyboard and flesh out ideas. Have fun and get creative!

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