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Origami Chiyogami Paper Pack Book

Origami Chiyogami Paper Pack Book

Author Tuttle Publishing
Price JPY 1,430
ISBN 978-0-8048-5362-0
Format 154×154mm
Availability forthcoming
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New functional format, same high-quality paper!

This origami paper pack from Tuttle Publishing has 256 sheets of richly saturated, double-sided origami paper. Held into place with an easy tear-out design, you won't have to worry about loose papers in your pack falling out or getting creased and crinkled.

Origami Chiyogami Paper Pack Book includes:
256 6-inch folding papers
16 unique patterns, with a coordinating color on the reverse side
13 pages of full-color instruction, with origami tips and tricks
Step-by-step directions for folding 8 origami models

Chiyogami patterns are known for saturated colors and graphic patterns. They represent Japanese traditional style and are often inspired by Kimono fabric. Originally printed by woodblock, Japanese artists began to silkscreen Chiyogami designs by hand in the twentieth century, and continue to do so today.

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