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Urashima Taro

and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

Urashima Taro

Edit Florence Sakade
Illustrations Hayashi Yoshio
Price JPY 1,210
ISBN 978-0-8048-5072-8
Format 235×235mm 48pages Hardcover
Availability Limited stock
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With this multicultural children's book, your whole family can experience the wonder and excitement that Japan's classic tales bring to story time or bedtime reading.

Welcome to a fantastic world populated by lonely dragons, adventuresome boys, magical elves, and a host of other beloved characters who have lived on for centuries in the traditional tales of Japan.

Drawn from folklore passed down from generation to generation, the ten enchanting stories collected in this Japanese book for children have been lovingly retold just for today's readers. Vibrantly illustrated in full color and packed with thrilling adventures, funny discoveries, and valuable lessons, they're sure to become story time favorites.

Included are some of Japan's best-loved stories:

  • Urashima Taro
  • The Fairy Crane
  • The Dragon's Tears
  • The Sandal-Seller
  • The Robe of Feathers
  • The Old Man with a Wen
  • The Flying Farmer
  • The Magic Mortar
  • The Biggest in the World
  • Why the Red Elf Cried
Readers of any age will find much to love and return to time and time again in Urashima Taro & Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories. These traditional tales, although entertaining, also provide kids with an inclusive introduction to Japanese culture.

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