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Contemporary Japanese Vol.1 2nd ed.

Contemporary Japanese Vol.1 2nd ed.

Author Eriko Sato
Price JPY 3,850
ISBN 978-0-8048-4713-1
Format 190x254mm 288pages paperback
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This Japanese language book contains 61 short lessons grouped into 14 chapters?each of which presents a wide variety of activities and exercises and yet is designed to be covered in a single session.

This "daily multivitamin" approach to language learning makes it easy to track your progress and to review later! An audio CD comes free with the book, providing native speaker recordings giving correct pronunciations for the dialogs and vocabulary in each lesson.

Contemporary Japanese is a textbook series for beginning students of Japanese at the college or high school level. It is intended for classroom use as well as self study. Each lesson in the book is very short and has a single, clearly-defined objective. All lessons make use of the "active discovery" approach which encourages rapid learning through "guess and try" problem-solving and participation as opposed to rote memorization. This highly effective method uses real-life conversations that make learning fun by involving you in a conversation with your peers. It also removes the fear of saying something wrong!

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