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Origami Paper Toys Kit

Origami Paper Toys Kit

Author Andrew Dewar
Price JPY 2,200
ISBN 978-0-8048-4632-5
Format 260x209mm Box kit(64-pp. 6 X 9 full-color booklet, 40 2-sided folding & construction papers in 2 sizes)
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Origami Paper Toys Kit is a unique paper craft kit that brings together the of art paper folding and the fun of moveable toys. Amaze your friends as you watch your origami paper creations wiggle, walk, tumble, shuffle and spin right before your eyes! Renowned origami artist and teacher, Andrew Dewar has designed these origami for kids projects to be simple enough to be completed quickly and easily. No need to learn origami folding, painting or cutting?just punch fold and enjoy!

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