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Simple Origami Airplanes Mini Kit

Fold 'Em & Fly 'Em!

Simple Origami Airplanes Mini Kit

Author Andrew Dewar
Price JPY 1,210
ISBN 978-0-8048-4345-4
Format 134×134mm DVD; 6 projects; no scissors; no glue; 32-pp. booklet; 24 5 X 5" folding papers
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An ace of paper aviation, author Andrew Dewar has spent decades perfecting the art of folding easy paper airplanes that both look great and fly well. In Simple Origami Airplanes Mini Kit, Dewar puts The Razor, The Octopus, The Starbird, The Swordfish, Frankenplane, and The Orbit at your fingertips and?after a few easy folds?they're ready for takeoff! Featuring sturdy wings and fuselages, Dewar's ingenious new designs are so perfectly balanced that a gentle throw results in amazing flights, time after time. Fun and accessible for both the paper crafts novice and the more practiced folder, this wonderfully giftable origami kit includes:
A 32-page booklet with full-color, step-by-step instructions
24 full-color 5" folding papers with printed fold lines
An instructional DVD

Dewar's high-flying designs will get your spirits soaring!

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