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Chinese for Beginners

Conversational Chinese Made Easy

Chinese for Beginners

Author Yi Ren
Author Xiyuan and Xiayuan Liang
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ISBN 978-0-8048-4235-8
Format 190×254mm 192pages paperback + CD
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Chinese is a fascinating language that seems impossibly difficult to many people, but is actually very learnable. This user-friendly approach to the basics helps you learn Chinese quickly and easily by drawing parallels with something you already know: English. This book will work for anyone who wants to speak and understand Chinese for business, for pleasure, or for travel?and who wants to enjoy the process of learning a new language while they're at it! Chinese for Beginners abounds with extra hints and tips drawn from the authors' many years of experience teaching the language in adult evening classes. Answer Keys help you keep track of your learning process; an "Extend Your Vocabulary" feature in each chapter helps you to remember and understand more words that you'd think possible; and photos and insider tips about China's culture, special places, and everyday life add to the adventure. Chinese for Beginners focuses on realistic situations you'll encounter when you meet people in China. New words are explained in terms of how you'll actually use them to communicate with new friends. The disc lets you listen and repeat and remember the sentences with ease, and will help you soon declare with pride, "I can say that in Chinese!" A lighthearted guide brings Chinese to life in a down-to-earth fashion. Real-life dialogues and situations help you converse with confidence. Native-speaker audio recordings teach you to pronounce Chinese accurately. Interesting notes, idioms, sayings, and poems introduce you to Chinese culture.

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