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Chinese Flash Cards Kit Vol.3

HSK Upper Intermediate Level

Chinese Flash Cards Kit Vol.3

Author Philip Yungkin Lee
Price JPY 2,500
ISBN 978-0-8048-4203-7
Format 137x196mm 448 hole-punched cards with organizing ring; audio disc; 32-pp. bookletpages Kit
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Flash cards are one of the quintessential keys to successful language learning, and Chinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 3 contains all the necessary ingredients you need to read and write Chinese.

Many students who study the langauge understand that there are three secrets to committing these Chinese characters, or Hanzi, to memory: start with the basic characters first, then study the others in the correct order, and use constant repetition to reinforce them until they stick in your long-term memory. No other study tool is better equipped to handle this task other than flash cards, making this kit an ideal resource for practicing Chinese. These handy flash cards present the characters in the correct order and the cards have a full range of features to help you master the 448 Upper Intermediate level characters, along with their associated 2,240+ words and sentences. All characters needed for the HSK Upper Intermediate Level exam are covered. The HSK is China's standard test of Chinese proficiency for non-native speakers, required of foreigners who wish to study or work at Chinese universities and firms.

Whether at home or on the go, you can use these cards to learn several new characters every day, and watch your knowledge develop rapidly over time.

This kit features:

448 hole-punched cards presenting the essential intermediate-level characters
Native-speaker audio recordings of 2,240+ example words and sentences
A 32-page study booklet with sorting indexes and practice tips
Radicals, compounds and idiomatic phrases, plus traditional forms where applicable
A handy organizing ring is included to hold the cards
Ideal as a study tool to prepare for China's official HSK exam

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