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Simple Origami Airplanes Kit

Fold 'Em & Fly 'Em!

Simple Origami Airplanes Kit

Author Andrew Dewar
Price JPY 1,980
ISBN 978-0-8048-4131-3
Format 216×235mm boxed kit (56 sheets of folding papers + 64 pp booklets + DVD)
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Simple Origami Airplanes presents a new collection of realistic origami airplanes from well-known paper airplane author and expert Andrew Dewar. A favorite folding project for children and adults alike, this kit contains 14 original designs and custom folding paper with the fold lines printed right on it . In addition to each plane's practice sheet, there are 3 additional designer papers for each plane without the folding lines so you can impress your friends and family with your mastery of origami airplane folding. Each project has clear instructions so that paper airplane fans can keep making the planes after the included folding paper supply is exhausted.

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