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Samurai Wisdom

Lessons from Japan's Warrior Culture

Samurai Wisdom

Author Thomas Cleary
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ISBN 978-0-8048-4008-8
Format 130×203mm 256pages hardcover
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One of the best known translators of the wisdom of Asia, Thomas Cleary now adds a new book to his samurai canon with Samurai Wisdom, new translations of five classic works on bushido. His previous works, Code of the Samurai and Soul of the Samurai, focused on the practical aspects and the more spiritual, Zen side of the samurai, respectively. Samurai Wisdom, authored by the scholar Yamaga Soko or his disciples, provides the core ideals and lessons that taught the samurai how to lead a proper life under the martial philosophy of bushido.Yamaga's writings inspired the transformation of the samurai from a feudal warrior class to a group with great intellectual, political and ethical leadership and influence. The classic works translated in Samurai Wisdom, despite being over 400 years old, are as timeless and applicable today as Sun Tzu's famous work, The Art of War.

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