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Making Out in Arabic

Making Out in Arabic

Author Fethi Mansouri
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ISBN 978-0-8048-3541-1
Format 105×192mm 84pages paperback
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Making Out in Arabic is a fun, accessible and thorough guide to Arabic as it's really spoken. This is an excellent phrase book of modern colloquial Arabic for use in everyday, informal interactions--giving access to the sort of wonderful and catchy expressions not covered in traditional language materials. It includes an introduction to Arabic as well as a pronunciation guide, topical notes throughout on key points of language and culture, and chapters based on typical real-life encounters with speakers of Arabic, including: Making acquaintances
Discussing likes and dislikes
Sharing a meal
Going out on the town
Developing a romantic relationship or quarreling, through to getting married or splitting up! Titles in this unique series of bestselling phrase books include Making Out in Japanese and Making Out in Chinese, Making Out in Indonesian, Making Out in Thai, More Making Out in Japanese, Making Out in Vietnamese, and Making Out in Tagalog.

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