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Asian Tapas

Small Bites, Big Flavors

Asian Tapas

Author Christophe Megel
Author Anton Kilayko
Photographs Edmond Ho
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ISBN 978-0-7946-0314-4
Format 229×254mm 176pages Hardcover
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Using an abundance of the fresh, seasonal ingredients and a harmony of flavors, Anton Kilayko and executive chef Christophe Megel offer a collection of recipes that will excite anyone yearning after new and delicious ways to approach the tastes of the East. Cultural lines blur as they explore the breadth of Asian cuisine to bring you dishes inspired by the cooks of Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and many more. The food is imaginative, approachable and can just as successfully be brought to life at a sophisticated dinner, a lazy lunch, or a cool partygoer very simply as a tasty little snack. These recipes of appetizers and finger foods, illustrated with the cutting-edge photography of Edmond Ho, is exquisitely presented to provide huge impact.

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