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Privacy Policy

Tuttle Publishing Japan understands and appreciates the importance of safeguarding the personal data of all persons who use the services provided by our company. We are committed to protecting the personal information of all of our customers in the following ways:

    1. Observance of the Laws Regarding the Protection of Personal Information
  • Tuttle Publishing Japan treats and stores all personal information in strict observance of existing Japanese laws regarding personal data protection.
    2. Application and Usage of Personal Information
  • This privacy policy applies to personal information which is obtained when the customer uses services provided by Tuttle Publishing Japan.
    3. Acquisition of Personal Information
  • When the customer provides Tuttle Publishing Japan with their personal information, Tuttle Publishing Japan endeavors to provide a clear explanation of how the personal information will be used. Moreover, this personal information will only be obtained or used in legal and transparent ways, i.e. only with the customer’s express permission.
    4. Usage of Personal Information
  • Personal information obtained from the customer will only be used in the following ways and only as necessary:
    • a) To introduce materials published by Tuttle Publishing Japan;
    • b) To send samples of materials published by Tuttle Publishing Japan;
    • c) To inform customers about upcoming events and to manage registration for those events;
    • d) To inform customers about special offers related to Tuttle Publishing Japan and its direct affiliates;
    • e) To answer enquiries and requests received directly from the customer;
    • f) To operate purchase orders of products sold directly by Tuttle Publishing Japan.
    5. Entrusting of Personal Information to External Organizations
  • In cases where personal information has to be supplied to external organizations, such as mailing companies that send Tuttle Publishing Japan materials, Tuttle Publishing Japan makes every effort to ensure and observe that this data is used only in the ways outlined in this privacy policy and that these external organizations also abide by the personal information protection laws.
    6. Presentation of Personal Information to Third Party Organizations
  • Tuttle Publishing Japan will never disclose your personal information to a third party organization unless it is required to do so by law or litigation. We may also disclose information about you if we believe in good faith that the disclosure of personal information is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities.
    7. Administration of Personal Information
  • Tuttle Publishing Japan pays the strictest and most careful attention to keeping all personal information accurate and up-to-date and to safeguarding it from loss or misappropriation. Moreover, Tuttle Publishing Japan is continually working to provide the most appropriate means to store and protect personal information as it is being used internally by our staff.
    8. Disclosure, Amendment, Discontinuance of Use and Deletion of Personal Information
  • Tuttle Publishing Japan will comply with the direct request of a customer to confirm or amend, delete or add to personal information. Upon confirming the identity of the customer, Tuttle Publishing Japan will comply with the request in the swiftest manner possible.
    9. Application of this Privacy Policy
  • In enacting this privacy policy, Tuttle Publishing Japan will ensure that all its staff and employees are fully aware of it and will continually work towards providing the highest possible standards at all times.