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Q1:Is it possible to order your books directly through this website?
A.Unfortunately, no. Please order from an online bookshop or any of the bookstores listed in the website under “Bookshops”.
Q2:I couldn’t find a particular Tuttle book I wanted at the bookshop.
A.You can order any of our books from any bookshop in Japan. Please note down the book title, author and ISBN order number in this website catalog and give this information to the bookshop clerk. They can order it for you and normally you will receive it within 1 week.
Q3:What is an ISBN?
A.ISBN means “International Standard Book Number” and is a standard order number for books. Each book has its ISBN printed on the back and the ISBN is also given in the listings in this website catalog. If you wish to order any book, note down the ISBN, title and author, and give this information to the clerk at any bookshop in Japan. They can order it for you. You can also order our books through online bookshop services in Japan by giving the ISBN and title.
Q4:Are Japanese yen retail prices of your books in Japan the same as in other countries? Are the prices sometimes discounted?
A.Retail prices of books in Japan are fixed in Japanese yen based on the exchange rate at the time the book is published. There is no mark-up and no discounting. In Japan, retail prices of books may not be changed or discounted. Over time, when calculated in foreign currencies (like U.S. dollars), book prices can be slightly higher or lower than foreign prices depending on the current exchange rate.
Q5:I cannot find a particular Tuttle book in this Japanese website, even though it is listed in the main Tuttle website (www.tuttlepublishing.com). Why is this?
A.More than 95% of the titles on this website and the main Tuttle website are the same. A few titles however may only be sold in certain countries depending on the sales rights granted by the copyright holders. In Japan, Tuttle is selling some titles not available outside of Japan and vice versa. We do apologize for the inconvenience of having to check different websites to find some books.
Q6:How do I search for a book on this website -- by subject, by title or by author?
A.You can search in many different ways. You may key in a relevant word under “Word search”. You can also browse by “Category”. The “Word search” function accepts book titles, ISBNs, author names, translator names, and other keywords relating to a book. ISBNs with or without hyphens are both accepted.
Q7:What is the difference between Tuttle and Periplus? Does Tuttle import and distribute English language books published by other publishers? How is Tuttle Publishing related to the Tuttle Bookshop in Okinawa and Tuttle-Mori Agency?
A.Tuttle Publishing is the original book publishing business established in 1948 by Charles E. Tuttle in Tokyo, Japan and Rutland, Vermont. In 1997, Tuttle Publishing Company merged with Periplus Editions and is now part of the Periplus Publishing Group. Tuttle Publishing distributes books published by Periplus in Japan. The Tuttle book distribution business (Tuttle Shokai) is a separate business which imported and distributed foreign books in Japan for many years and merged with the Yohan Company. It no longer exists today. The Tuttle Bookshop in Okinawa and Tuttle-Mori Agency, an international literary and media agency, are separate businesses and not part of the Periplus Publishing Group.
Q8:Do you have a printed catalog available?
A.Yes, we do. We will be happy to send you a copy if you request it by email.
Q9:Can I use photos and texts from your website or your books?
A.All photos and texts on this website and in our books are under copyright and belong to the rights holders. If you would like to use them, please contact us. It is prohibited to use any materials from the website or books without first getting written permission from us. In addition, the following are prohibited;
Copying or downloading content from the books or website.
Processing, storage or reproduction of content from the books or website
Distributing materials from the books or website to third parties
Copyright infringement
Q10:Do you accept proposals for new books and how can I send a proposal to you?
A.Yes we are happy to receive new book proposals. Please refer to GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING BOOK PROPOSALS at https://peripluspublishinggroup.com/tuttle/editorialsubmissions.php. All book proposals should be in English.
Q11:I wish to contact one of your authors. Could you let me know the phone number, address or email address?
A.We cannot tell you the author’s contact details due to our privacy policy. It is possible to forward your email or letter to the author. However, we cannot guarantee that the author will reply as it is up to them.
Q12:I would like to receive a complimentary desk copy of one of your books since I am a teacher and will be assigning your book to my class.
A.We can offer a complimentary desk copy for each order for 50 copies or more of a single title. Please contact us.